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Laundry Day

Proverbs 14:34 – Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.

people-2590562_1920LAUNDRY DAY

I’m doing laundry today
While children cry, asking, “Why?”
“Did they take my mommy away?”
I’m just a mother like any other
Doing laundry today
Can’t even imagine how it feels
To live in a nightmare that is real
To those on the outside looking in
This world is sometimes not a friend
If I were God I’d wipe it away and start all over again ….
but I’m not him
Me, I’m just a mother like any other
Doing laundry today
As life goes on and no one rights the wrongs
As mothers cry and politicians lie
As tears fall down on fallow ground
As children are torn from their mother’s arms
Yet said to be safe and kept from harm
But at the end of each long day
Innocence sleeps in a gilded cage
Reminders of another time
Much like this one comes to mind
When mother and child were torn apart
By pious men with calloused hearts
When the innocent suffered for the sins of men
And mercy offered an empty hand
And the heartache of their cries of fear
Only fell upon deaf ears
And the only wrong the children knew
Were they weren’t born to me or you

I’m doing laundry today

What else can I do?
I don’t have the power to change this hour
And I can’t make it go away
So I’m stuck here crying my tears
And doing laundry today
Can’t change this world and its collision course
I have to leave that to a higher force
If I could I’d wash it all away
Just put it in the laundry I’m doing today
But we’re living in a broken world
Walking on shards of sin
And there is only one way at the end of the day
To put it back together again
Pick up the piece you’re standing on
And put it back where it belongs
Put back the love your hatred has broken
Put back kind words you left unspoken
Put back division of race and gender
Put back hard hearts with ones that are tender
Put back forgiveness of past wrongs
And leave them there where they belong
Put back compassion for your fellow man
Reach out and lend a helping hand
Put back hope for this world’s despair
Put back God and put back prayer
Put back the pieces of broken love
Bind them with mercy from above
And wash this world with God’s love

Don’t  know if anyone cares what I have to say
I’m just a mother doing her laundry today
But it’s been my experience over time
When fighting the stains of dirt and grime
You have to do the laundry today
If you want to wash the dirt away





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